Elli is a true creative. She is passionate about anything she involves herself in and cares deeply about her craft and its presentation. This passionate creative has an intellect and voice that comes through in her narratives with smart design. She has created works of profound depth that echo the most complex themes found in thesis level painting majors ink soaked journals. She has been a teacher, listener, project manager, and a heroic leader facing down deadlines with a steadiness that far surpasses your common art director. Bringing Elli into your team gets you a top notch creative that not only delivers on the big ideas with innovation and a clear path forward, but will be a joy to have around the office and chit chat with about the small stuff.  

William Moritz - Skato.org

Elli is a dedicated artist who brings her unique style and passion to everything she does. Elli is always pushing the established boundaries and looking for new angles in her approach. She is on the cutting edge of media and is always looking for ways to use her approach to address pressing issues in our society. Elli is an exciting voice who will bring dedication and passion to any organization she joins.

Kelly Parker Cobb